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Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division is managed by Rick Clark, who is a qualified climbing arborist and the owner of the company. Rick is a Nebraska Certified Arborist, member of the Nebraska Arborist Association and a City of Lincoln Licensed Arborist. He has a broad range of experience in the tree industry. This includes everything from trimming small ornamental trees, large removals, and treating disease. Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division prides its self on through clean up at every jobs end. This includes soft raking the area where the tree work occurred, blowing down side walks, driveways and streets, as well as blowing off roofs and gutters when needed. We are a “green” company, all of your wood chips and tree debris is recycled and reused. The Tree Division follows OSHAs guidelines for tree work safety and is fully insured. If you’d like a free estimate, call us at the office and set up a time to meet with Rick.

Tree Division Services

No job is too big or small for Lincoln Landscaping Tree Division. Every tree is accessible, we have highly skilled climbers that can do 98% of all jobs. This means no ruts in your yard from heavy equipment. We also have a bucket truck for vehicle friendly jobs as well as access to a crane for very large complicated removals.

Do you have a tree in the Lincoln area that needs a little TLC? We have the expertise to know how to prune trees of all sizes and varieties. Things to look for on large trees are dead limbs up high that can be a safety hazard, hidden holes that can’t be seen from the ground, downward hanging limbs that can be removed to allow more sun under the tree as well as give the tree a more upright, sturdy form. Another common practice is to remove crossing over and “suckering” limbs.  Small trees benefit greatly from corrective pruning early in their lives. By correcting problems early a tree will grow into an aesthetically and structurally sound form which will save you expensive large tree pruning in the future. Examples of problems that can be corrected early include dual leaders, redundant and crossing over branching, and root suckering.

Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division also has skilled arborists with thorough knowledge of pruning fruit trees. Some of the basics of this include cutting out dead branches, prune back the outermost growth of the tree so the branches become shorter and thicker, this also helps get optimal sun to the flowers and fruit.

Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division can diagnose and treat your ill tree. We will provide you with information about your trees, answer your questions, and inspect your trees for disease and nutrient deficiencies. After the inspection is complete, we’ll propose the best solution. Very common problems with trees in the Lincoln area include Chlorosis (Iron deficiency), Pine Wilt, Bag Worms, Apple Cedar Rust, in the future Emerald Ash Borer. Visit our Learn More page to read about these common tree diseases and problems. We use the Wedgle Direct-Inject System method to inject trees for  tree illnesses and nutrient deficiencies. This system uses a needle injection which keeps wounds to the tree at a minimum.

Tree stumps can be difficult to remove from your property with out the proper equipment. Let Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division take care of it for you. We will not only take the stump down to ground level but remove the stump low enough to provide an area suitable for a new planting. Our stump grinder is small enough to maneuver through gates into back yards and is light enough to avoid leaving ruts in your lawn. We also provide landscaping services and can replace the tree or bring soil and seed or sod into turf.

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Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division is a “green” company and strives to practice green whenever we can. When our tree crew removes or trims a tree the waste material is recycled into mulch. This is good for several reasons: tree debris that is recycled into mulch keeps large volumes of organic material out of landfills, local mulch is recommended to keep foreign pests and diseases away from Lincoln area trees, buying locally generated mulch helps support Lincoln area businesses.  We offer hardwood, dyed brown, and basic wood chips, all of which are made from Lincoln area trees. All of Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Divisions mulch options are available for pick up or delivery. Give us a call today to schedule your delivery!

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Lincoln Landscaping’s Tree Division is proud to offer our services to residential and commercial customers. We have the ability to work in crowded commercial settings or wide open acreage locations and everywhere in between. No job is too big or too small! Give us a call today to set up a free estimate with Rick, our Tree Division Supervisor.

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Tree Division Supervisor


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